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St Jerome Emiliani Academy

Helping Others Brings Much Joy

The following are the 10 yr planned phases for KFI:-

1) St Jerome Emilian Academy- Lunya

  • Elementary Education Level

St Jerome Emilian Academy

2) Phase Two

  • Another Academy to be built in Lukuli, Lwamata Sub-county

3) Kiwonnongo MicroFinance

  • Small business financing

  • Large Scale Farming 

4) KFI  Self  Help Association

  • Formation of Associations ( Women, PPP, Youth  and local  community members at large) - in progress

  • Formed Women group is ‘Ba’Mukisa Women Group,  Lunya’ - formed

5) Infrastructure

  •  Construction of an Adult Community Center in Lukuli ( youth and community education and worshiping).

  • Construction of a Senior Secondary Education Level by 2019.

  • Construction of a Vocational Institute by year 2022.           

6) KFI Preservation Association

  • Maintain and Re-establish close family ties and traditions. This will  re-enforce cultural traditions and support for any type of education and development in local communities                  


Kiwonnongo is located in the Kiboga District in the West Central Region of Uganda about 120 Km from Kampala by road. The district lies approximately between 1 30' North and 32 14' East. It borders the districts of Mubende to the South, Kyankwanzi to the North, Kibaale to the West, Mityana to the South-East and Nakaseke to the East. 


To Inspire a self-reliant community with education, economic and cultural vitality  to grow a vast vision for Uganda.


To bring high quality education to Kiwonnongo and surrounding areas of these remote villages in Kiboga District, Uganda,  it is required that not only do we provide the proper facilities, but economic resurgence for the area.


Kiboga district has the second highest migration rate in Uganda. About 34.2% of the total population was born in other districts of the country while 3.5% are born outside Uganda and 62.3% born with in the district. There are more males (51%) than females (49%) who have migrated to the district. The literacy rate is about 89 % in Kiboga District.

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