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Helping Those in Need


Micro-finance is a viable instrument and is a promising tool to tackle poverty in the developing world. The micro-finance opportunity in Kiwonnongo Foundation Inc shall be derived from the fact that the provision of financial services can contribute to poverty reduction and pass the test of sustainability at the same time. The approach that is proposed here, by the Kiwonnongo Foundation Inc, will address the problem of providing for micro-finance.  A complete plan and vision for sustainable development and small business money lending. Micro-finance will especially attract small business owners or groups and  shall be delivered for a specific need, and on a measurable project.

Members shall apply for financing, their applications be reviewed by the committee and their progress be monitored by the same committee. 

Currently in progress are the Women and Youth Groups establishment. About 30 women and 10 youths have formed groups respectively. KFI is happy to assist these two groups and their sub-group projects i an effort develop their communities.

KFI is well aware that establishing an effective education system in Lunya shall not solve problems of poverty and illiteracy but with great support of women and the youth, children will stay in school and achieve basic education and more.

Funds available shall vary according to applicant needs. Please joins us afford funds for our micro-funding program.

Contact us on how to help with this funding program.

Thank you.

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