Who We Are and What We Do

Paving the Road Towards a Better Future

We are Teachers

Mothers, Fathers,

Evangelists, Leaders from Nazareth,

Community Developers,

Children of the Past and the Future,

Peace Lovers, Givers, Unconditional Caregivers and the list goes on.


Kiwonnongo Foundation is an organization formed to support the community of Kiwonnongo, Lunya, Lwamata and surrounding communities with the development in these areas:

 1) Education

- St Jerome Emiliani Academy  Day and Boarding Primary School, Senior Secondary School and Vocational  Institute.


2)  Community Outreach

- Kiwonnongo Ba'Mukisa Women and Youth Groups


3)  Adult Community Awareness

- Extend awareness and empowerment at an adult Community Center in Lukuli.

4) Kiwonnongo MicroFinance

- Small business financing

5) Preservation of local community cultural heritage

- Maintain and re-establish close family ties and traditions by empowering women, youth and children with basic  life skills, starting with sensitizing these communities about human rights.

6) Missionary Programs and Volunteering

- In process of reaching out to all christians from all walks of life to join us evangelize and teach the word of God through this program of Church Seeding.

- Currently taking applications for International Volunteers for both teaching and community development.



01 19175437474

Lunya, Lwamata  Sub-County
Kiboga District - Uganda